Newsletter #2

Harnessing the Potential of Digital Tools to Strengthen Youth Participation in EU Democratic Life

The #YouEU project aims to reinvigorate the relationship of European youth with the EU and promote active youth participation in the EU democratic life by harnessing the potential of digital tools and promoting e-participation. Within this concept, the University of the Peloponnese (Greece), Family and Childcare Centre – KMOP Skopje (N. Macedonia), Die Berater (Austria), Know and Can Association (Bulgaria), INCOMA (Spain) and Be Known (Greece) have joined their forces in order to:

  • Identify Good Practice cases on European, national, regional and local level that aim to raise the participation of youth using digital tools and/or social media.
  • Design the #YouEU E-course on participation and engagement in the EU democratic life, containing four modules: European Union, EU and Youth (in our everyday life, Global Citizenship and Designing the future of EU.
  • Create the #YouEU digital platform for promoting youth e-participation, which acts as the digital transnational public sphere.
  • Present lessons learnt as seen from the side of the implementation team and as experienced by the young people involved in the project activities.

#YouEU – A glimpse of our experience so far

In all partner countries, youth agreed that they need more tools and, mostly, they need more information about the democratic processes. It is essential for them to be aware of the democratic processes and the ways they can participate, as in some countries many young people have barely any information about the EU, its institutions, and its purpose. Therefore, it is important for European youth to be actively engaged and become familiar with the concept of e-participation. During our activities, the young people that participated had the opportunity to learn, share their thoughts, and conduct fruitful discussions on this topic. The following images represent only one small part of youth and professionals joying our events in different countries.


#YouEU portfolio



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